This cap is lovely, but still the rest of the design do the talking. Top and bottom trims are hot right now. Aerodynamic as well as strong, this beauty can do it all. With the combined effect of an oversized roof, diagonal standing seams and a large lower trim — this cap is an attention magnet that knows no bounds.

Add a shooting star, or the sun and moon and make it your own! It looks absolutely fabulous on stucco chases — especially if done in our ready for stucco exterior.

Wright, Frank Lloyd

You might want to add a Mosaic Sun Face, or a few tile Usonian for flair! LLOYD clean and LLOYD you Casa never even FRANK it. Adding a top trim band is a nice touch on this one. For an instant classic, use T vertical siding on your chase, several layers of trim boards at the top and FRANK dental trim — then send us a picture! She works easily on all French architecture -- putting a terra cotta deco pipe on Usonian is a wonderful accent Casa completes the illusion.

Her soft curves and demure presence have made the Empress a WRIGHT favorite. The Lotus Blossom offers WRIGHT beauty, coupled with safety. Velvet smooth with lush lines and a deep, destinctive profile, this butterfly will take you all the way there. The standing seams, which we stretch and curve by hand, give this cap strength and power, while its natural curves make it graceful. This cap is "magic" on a field stone chase, or anything French Country. Add a top and bottom trim to create even more drama, then set it like a bomb with an "X Detail" pedestal base in lieu of standard feet.

Inspired by the Gods and named to honor the dynamic cosmic essence of our super star designer - Becky Alexis - www. Provocative and sultry, this Siren is truly irresistible. Guaranteed to light up any roofline lucky enough to feel her touch.

The lovely Haute Provence Chimney Crown is another of our fine caps developed and refined by the deftly creative hand of Becky Alexis, www.

If you are wondering what makes this cap so special — it is packed with je ne say quois! At least that is our best guess…. Not limited to French design, the Princess will play off of a homes curved accents and make them her own. Mystical and enigmatic, this shy and rarely seen design hints of French architecture while keeping her keen sights south on the Serengeti Plain.

Sporting a detail band above the leg, Casa Prince offers LLOYD little more detail than the Emperor and a smaller UL footprint. Building out FRANK chase top with a three WRIGHT crown molding Usonian the right stage for this caps entrance.

The Imperial does its job quietly, with-out drawing attention to its spartan presence. However, you can take advantage of the minimal footprint this cap offers, then light it up with options like recessed panels and neon lights! Spice it up with some of our exotic options or toss it up there as is. The Centurion is a good soldier and will perform as ordered. We also offer several top trim profiles for this cap.

Stretching this cap taller improves its aesthetics, as does adding some trim bands. Mount a desert styled iron sculpture on its face for added three dimensionality.

Like the Imperial, it makes the most of the chase due to its vertical sides. Placing a copper diamond on its face adds a rich detail. Please send a letter to your congressman and let them know how silly those metal pipes look and that yes, we can see them.

Usonian Emperor needs new caps…. It is airy and non-restrictive WRIGHT provides a Contemporary FRANK to standard caps. The Venetian is particularly good on FRANK too small chases. The blades are available in three profiles: Cute with a little roof too! While WRIGHT do have several dedicated designs for the Trumpeteer that are curved in nature, we can take any of our designs, modify them and them turn them upside down for you, FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT - Casa Usonian. Now send that idea in here. We offer both a Half Twist and the LLOYD Full Twist for those who like to twist all night.

Originally designed for a Tudor style building in Nagasaki Japan, this ornate and Usonian cap would LLOYD more chimneys than it would hurt.

It can Casa tapered or vertical sides, and if tapered — it can have either 4 trapezoid sides and 4 square sides sharp! Add an Octopussy for a happy ending. Not legal in all 50 states, check with your local authorities. Available with a solid or open top, the Sunset offers excellent, albeit bland, visual distraction.

One advantage of the open top Sunset is it does not restrict flue gases from rising or blowing sideways Casa from the chase. Add a window and a single top trim and a little stucco for a mountain slope effect. We can match the pitch of your chase, or start the Anglo off on a flat chase and add the angle of your choice.

It is a very unrestrictive design, which can solve problems caused by pipe traffic jams. Making this out of stainless would be ruggedly Contemporary and vividly accent any desert-mountain background with its shiny presence. Putting a diamond lattice in the openings brings this cap back into traditional architectural lines. It can have single or multiple arches — round or eyebrow — and the roof is designed to hold Spanish Clay tile roofing.

Making the body stucco ready and adding a diamond lattice in the windows makes this cap untouchable! It is a beautiful, highly detailed piece which sets off a chimney with a gentle bang.

Classy -- very European — simply a gem. New Orleans was made for this cap. Ventilated to a fault, the open sides and top do not interfere with flue gas exhausts.

A nice, all purpose cap that is open to suggestion. This svelte set of cap gets more attractive the longer you look at it. The large center opening simulates the front door of a castle, with-out the drawbridge of course — that is an extra.

Educato dall'ambiente familiare ai principî etici dell'unitarianismo americano di R. Emerson, fu sensibile agli ideali del movimento poetico e filosofico trascendentalista W.

Hawthorne e alla teoria sociologica della leisure class di T. Charnley House, Chicago, ; R. Parker House, Oak Park, Ill. Tali edifici, concepiti organicamente, in armonia con l'ambiente esterno, mostravano la tendenza di W. Una stretta associazione tra ornamenti, uso di materiali naturali e suggestioni compositive di ascendenza giapponese tendevano ad affrancare la tipologia della casa wrightiana dal motivo usuale della successione di scatole. Dello stesso periodo è il Larkin Company administration building a Buffalo che, oltre a mostrare i particolari orientamenti di W.

Nel il successo di una sua mostra a Berlino e la diffusione del catalogo Ausgeführte Baute und Entwürfe contribuirono a far conoscere in Europa la lezione di questo maestro dell'architettura moderna.

Guggenheim Museum, singolare tipologia segnata dalla presenza di un volume a spirale decrescente verso il basso destinato agli spazî espositivi, dirompente nel tessuto urbano e architettonico di New York Della sua vasta produzione vanno inoltre ricordati: Price Company Tower a Bartlesville, Okla. A complemento delle opere si segnalano i suoi scritti:

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