The present work discusses how the collegiate must behave before the function of the Supreme Courts to ellaborate precedents. Decisões plurais - Precedentes - Ratio decidendi Abstract: This text analyses the methods that are used in the US Courts to identify precedent in majority-decisions with plurality opinions.

It aims to contribute to the doctrine of precedent in brazilian law. Plurality decisions - Precedents - Ratio decidendi. El presente texto analiza la acción rescisoria basada en la violación de una norma jurídica. Acción rescisoria - Norma jurídica - Precedente - Distinción.

The text deals with the incident of competence undertaking, analyzing important issues that concern it. It situates the decision of the incident of competence undertaking before the decision taken in the incident of resolution of repetitive demands and from precedents of the Supreme Courts.

The text deals with the res judicata on issue, a theme recently introduced in the Brazilian procedural law by the Code of Civil PROCESSUAL of Departing from comparative law, it considers the US collateral estoppel to advance on the TECNICA judicata on issue to benefit non-parties. Texto baseado no livro A Ética dos Precedentes, publicado pela Ed.

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Código PROCESSUAL Processo Civil Comentado. Curso avançado de processo civil. Rio de Janeiro, Ed. Leituras complementares de processo TECNICA.

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