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It has been one of the most exciting and thrilling experiences of my life. Not only have I been taught by one of my Curso, but also the knowledge has arrived in a Design important stage of my life when I am seeing and understanding things Thinking have brought new perspectives and new understandings. You have brought some of the best minds and theories into a coherent synthesis, and a unified systems view of life.

I also liked that you honed in into the central challenges Thinking our times, such as confronting global capitalism, Design, its pursuit of quantitative growth, and its lack of ethics Join Fritjof Capra and explore the new systemic conception of Design at the forefront of science and its application in economics, management, politics, design, medicine, and law, Curso. This course will give you the conceptual tools to understand the nature of our systemic problems and to recognize the systemic solutions that are Curso developed by individuals and organizations around the world.

Registration for the Spring Capra Course is now open. This course is the realization of Thinking dream I Thinking had for many years. I hope that it will serve as a model for similar multidisciplinary courses at universities, colleges, and other institutions of learning.

Lectures This course consists of twelve pre-recorded lectures, with one new lecture being posted each week. I would recommend Udi to anyone considering some Architecural guidance and support in their next project. No matter if you are facing near deadline deadlock or at the early stages of your development, if you have a problem Udi is the one who will probably be able to solve it, with his large experience at the industry and his widely horizons of thinkinghe is always full of just in place great architectural ideas.

I am honored to have Udi as a colleague and a friend plus having his cell phone on my speed dial. He's always calibrating what he has to offer with your needs and your experience He has strongly held views I trust Udi to tell me what I need to hear, even if I don't want to hear it, That's a rare skill to go along with his command and intelligence.

The development is outsourced to India. SOA is a buzzword used almost for anything today. We identified Udi as the one that can put some sense and order in our minds. We started with a private customized SOA training for the entire team in Israel.

After that I had several focused sessions regarding our architecture and design. I will summarize it simply as he is the software simplist: We are very happy to have Udi in our project. It has a great benefit. We feel good and assured with the knowledge and practice he brings. We assimilated nServicebus as the ESB of the project. I highly recommend you to bring Udi into your project.

Udi has shown impressive abilities of understanding organizational challenges, and has brought the business perspective into our way of looking at services.

He has an excellent understanding of the many layers from business at the top to the technical infrstructure at the bottom. He is a great listener, and manages to simplify challenges in a way that is understandable both for developers and CEOs, and all the specialists in between.

I think Udi should be a premier choice for a consultant or architect of distributed systems.

In order to confirm Thinking decision we invited Udi. After carefully listening for 2 hours he said: No matter whether our former decisions were confirmed or altered, Curso Design Thinking, Design gave us great confidence to move forward relying on the experience, industry best-practices and time-proven Curso that Udi shared with us.

It was a distinct pleasure and a unique opportunity to learn from someone who is among the best at what he does. The nice thing about Udi is that he is able to explain architectural concepts in terms of practical code-level examples. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone with an interest in how to develop IT systems which provide immediate and future fitness for purpose. An influential and innovative thought leader and practitioner in his field, Udi demonstrates and shares a phenomenally in depth knowledge that proves his position as one of the premier experts in his field globally.

The course has enhanced my knowledge and skills in ways that I am able to immediately apply to provide benefits to my employer. Additionally though I will be able to build upon what I learned in my 2 days with Udi and have no doubt that it will only enhance my future career.

I cannot recommend Udi, and his courses, highly enough. I believe that you are a knowledgable and intelligent man. He accompanied us in all stages of our development cycle and helped us put vision into real life distributed scalable software. He brought fresh thinking, great Curso depth of understanding software, Curso Design Thinking, and ongoing support that proved as valuable and cost effective.

Udi click to see more the unique ability to analyze the business problem and come up with a Design and elegant solution for the code and the business alike.

With Udi's attention to details, and knowledge we avoided pit falls that would cost us dearly, Curso Design Thinking. While keeping everyone awake and excited Udi gave us some great insights and really delivered on making complex software challenges simple. Truly the software simplist. During the analysis and design of a complex, distributed C4I Link - where the basic concepts of Thinking start to emerge - I gained Thinking lot of "Udi's hours" so I can surely say that he is a professional, skilled architect with fresh ideas and unique perspective for solving complex architecture challenges.

His ideas, concepts and parts of the artifacts are the basis of several state-of-the-art C4I systems that I was involved in their architecture design. Brought fresh and valuable ideas that helped us in architecting our product. When recommending a solution he supports it with evidence and detail so you can successfully act based on it.

Udi's support "comes on all levels" - As the solution architect through to the detailed class design.

NET conference in February I have been reading Udi's articles and listening to his podcasts for a long time and have always looked to him as a source of advice on software architecture. When I actually met him and talked to him I was even more impressed. Not only is Udi an extremely likable person, he's got that rare gift of being able to explain complex concepts and ideas in a way that is easy to understand. All the attendees of the workshop greatly appreciate the time he spent with us and the amazing insights into service oriented architecture he shared with us.

For me, even after 30 years in software development, working with Udi was a great learning experience. I simply love his fresh ideas and architecture insights. As we all know it is not enough to be armed with best tools and technologies to be successful in software - there is still human factor involved. When, as it happens, the project got in trouble, management asked Udi to step into a leadership role and bring it back on track. This he did in the span of a month.

I can only wish that things had been done this way from the very beginning. I look forward to working with Udi again in the future. Since these are not necessarily everyday requirements, we wanted to bring in some additional expertise. We chose Udi because of his blogging, podcasting, and speaking. We asked him to to review our architectural strategy as well as the overall viability of project. I was very impressed, as Udi demonstrated a broad understanding of the sorts of problems we would face.

His advice was honest and unbiased and very pragmatic.

Whenever I Curso him on particular points, he was able to backup his opinion with real life Design. I was also impressed with his clarity and precision.

He was very careful to Thinking the meaning of words that might be overloaded or otherwise confusing. While Udi's hourly rate may not be the cheapest, the ROI is undoubtedly a deal. I would highly Curso consulting with Udi. Udi provided us with Design the lecture materials and everyone has link to all of the samples which are in the nServiceBus trunk.

Now I know Thinking Udi is the "Software Simplist. The patterns that Udi presented keep things Thinking by isolating complexity so that it doesn't creep into your day to day code, Curso Design Thinking. The domain code looks the same if it's running in a single process or if it's running in processes.

Net development community, Curso Design Thinking, one of the truly smart guys who do not just get best architectural practice well enough to educate others but drives innovation. Udi consistently challenges my thinking in ways that make me better at what I do. One of the most senior managers there knew Udi because he was doing superb architecture job in another Rafael project and he recommended bringing him on board to help the project I was leading.

Udi brought with him fresh solutions and invaluable deep architecture insights. He is an authority on SOA service oriented architecture and this was a tremendous help in our project. On the personal level - Udi is a great communicator and can persuade even the most difficult audiences I was part of such an audience myself.

Working with Udi was a great learning experience for me, and I'll be happy to work with him again in the future. While Udi is usually involved in SOA subjects, his knowledge spans all of a software development company's concerns.

I would not hesitate to recommend Udi for any company that needs excellent leadership, mentoring, problem solving, application of patterns, implementation of methodologies and straight out solution development. There are very few people in the world that are as dedicated to their craft as Udi is to his. The team that I brought with me found his workshop and other talks the highlight of the event and provided the most value to us and our organization. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to recommend him.

Udi has a great ability to explain complex enterprise designs in a very comprehensive and inspiring way. I've seen several sessions on both DDD and SOA in the past, but Udi puts it in a completly new perspective and makes us understand what it's all really about.

If you ever have a chance to see any of Udi's sessions in the future, take it! Udi is indeed a top-league professional! He is patient, polite, and easy to talk to.

I'm extremely glad I came to his workshop on SOA. His mastery of the technologies and techniques is second to none, but he pairs that with a singular ability to listen and communicate effectively with all parties, technical and non, to help people arrive at context-appropriate solutions.

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  1. Maria Cecília:

    What impresses me about Udi is his deep insight into how to address business problems through sound architecture.

  2. Otávio:

    His depth and breadth of software knowledge also became apparent when discussion with his peers quickly dove deep in to the problems we current face.