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Interessadas enviar currículo por e-mail. Odonto whitening express Telefones: Interessados entre em contato pelo telefone falar [ Tratar com Vinicius 62 [ Hundreds of healthcare professionals rely on our competent, efficient, and forward-thinking personnel to provide them with simplified record keeping systems, timely financial reporting, comprehensive tax planning and preparation, wealth management, and retirement planning.

Led by Larry S. Rosen, CPA, MBA, our professionals maintain the highest level of reliability and integrity backed by their knowledge, standards, and ability. Whether you are starting out buying a practice, buying a home, starting a familymid-career sending your children to college, maintaining a desired lifestyle, saving for retirement or retiring in comfort selling your practice, transitioning to other pursuits, providing care for aging parents we can assist you in making wise decisions, managing your money, and minimizing your taxes.

Knowledge, planning, and commitment will help you attain the life you want. Psimer and Associates, Inc. Since then, principals Gerald Psimer and Jerry Psimer have worked diligently to provide accounting, tax, pension, management and related services to a client base composed largely of dental practices. With eleven full-time employees, Psimer and Associates believes in providing exceptional service to their clients in Kentucky and Tennessee.

The DBS Companies specialize in serving the dental profession.

We are dedicated to providing excellent quality of service to assist our clients in achieving their specific business and financial goals. Our combination of skills and services provided are one of a kind. Our clients' growth and success is our greatest achievement. For over 30 years, ZBC has worked with more than 1, dentists Marketing help them reach their personal, odontologia and financial goals. Ever since our introduction to the field of dentistry inMarketing e odontologia, our firm has developed a strong client base of more than dentists for whom we provide comprehensive financial and business management services.

We Marketing with dentists throughout the state of Ohio and beyond who own and manage all types and sizes of practices. Zimmerman, Boltz and Company knows your field in a way that will help you reach your practice odontologia. Our 27 year-old Dental CPA and Marketing Advisory firm provides a full range odontologia services to increase our clients' profitability and ultimately their quality of life.

Being raised in a dental family gives Ken Rubin unique insights and perspectives to help his clients. Our firm philosophy is focused on close communication to develop solid long lasting client relationships. At the Willeford Group, we have a very different approach to accounting relationships and the business of dentistry. We believe that your dental practice is a vehicle to help you achieve the quality of life you desire and the income to support it.

That's why we help provide for all the financial needs a dentist will have throughout the life cycle of the practice and beyond. We are much more than an accounting firm. Our experienced team provides short-term and long-term financial planning, investment services and retirement guidance, as well as consulting services on practice start-up, maintenance and transitions. With more than 20 years of experience serving the dental community, we understand how to help dentists protect their practices and keep more of what they earn.

A specialized accountant can mean the difference between achieving average results versus superior results for you and your practice. Baker Tilly Virchow Krause's Dental Practice Management Group is committed to providing current and timely advice to dental practitioners.

Our approach is designed to assist you in finding cost-effective ways to gather the information you need for proactive planning and management strategies. You gain valuable insight and strategic expertise when you work with our dedicated team of dental management professionals. We believe the greatest value we bring to our clients is achieved through a comprehensive approach to practice and personal finances. The synergy achieved by coordinating practice cash flow and long-term funding goals integrated with advanced tax planning is profound for dentists and specialists who believe that planning, implementation and monitoring are crucial to long-term financial success and quality of life.

They understand the dental profession. They know the business end of the practice of dentistry. They are savvy, knowledgeable, and recommend ways to improve my bottom line. By keeping my numbers in line, they help pay for themselves. I have been extremely pleased with the attention to detail and the promptness with which my affairs are handled.

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Coleman-Ureda's in-depth knowledge of my profession Marketing helped guide and direct my practice financially and freed me up odontologia focus my full attention on what matters most, my patients. This security has been a big component of our success. They have been there for me on a number of levels since I graduated from dental school 15 years ago, financial advice, practice management skills, basic accounting questions and tools, IT services and much more.

They are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, and give priceless practice management information. They are the best! When we meet and review the reports and graphs you provide I understand exactly where my practice is.

I don't feel I need another consultant, you know my goals and my practice and you help me stay on track.

I always appreciate your expertise and organization. I feel fortunate and am odontologia grateful odontologia all your professional help, counsel, Marketing thoroughness. His sound guidance makes him a critical Marketing of my team as I run my business and achieve my financial goals. Furthermore, his first-class service coupled with a caring approach allows me to recommend him with the highest level of confidence.

They have been professional, detail-oriented, and very customer friendly. They have taken many of the tasks over for us that would eat up much of the time we have off currently. When we are at work we are able to provide dentistry for people instead of doing our tax work. Matt Bondell has provided me with accounting guidance since I bought my first practice.

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